Sexual life of a woman after the treatment of cervical cancer.

A life after the cervical cancer can be also productive. Even though this type of cancer is rather dangerous, in time diagnostics and a pharmaceutical therapy quickly neutralize this threat.

A cervical cancer is one of the most common oncological diseases in women. Another common disease is breast cancer. This disease may be latent, and if a woman does not visit gynecologist and does not take tests at least once in 1-2 years, it is rather difficult to detect the malignant cells. The symptoms of the cervical cancer appear on the 3-4th stage when metastasis affect other organs.

If the malignant tumor is diagnosed at early stage, it is enough to have a pharmacological therapy. If it was ineffective, a woman is prescribed a beam-therapy. It goes without any complications due to the advanced devices and medical products to reduce the side effects of the beam-therapy.

In 92% cases, this procedure is enough in order to stop a progress of the tumor. But only if the diagnosis was made at the initial stage of the disease.

A rehabilitation takes 6-12 months, and a woman will have a normal life and forget about this terrible diagnosis.

A sexual intercourse is possible after the treatment of the cervical cancer, but it all depends on the individual clinical case. If the disease is still there, and it progresses slowly, the sexual life may be dangerous because of the development of the contact bleeding. Moreover, if the penis touches the tumor, a woman may have discomfort and even pain. The sexual intercourse is not harmful for a partner.

If the malignant tumor fits for operation, and doctors have made a decision to have uterectomy, this option is preferable. And here is why.

Despite the effective therapy of the cervical therapy, this disease is very tricky. The malignant cells may affect endometrium and spread inside the mucous membranes. Then it will lead to the acute condition of the disease symptoms. Moreover, if a woman does not want to have kids but wants to have a good sexual life without repeated development of the malignant cells, uterectomy is the safest method.

This way, a threat is completely neutralized, tumor is removed, and a woman can have an active sexual life without discomfort after the rehabilitation.

Uterectomy may slightly affect libido but it is more related to the psychological aspects than physiological ones. A woman can also have satisfaction and have a normal lifestyle. If the recovery of libido goes with difficulty, find Female Viagra name and order this medication. Due to the stimulation of the natural physiological processes and increased arousal, rehabilitation will go easily, and a woman will start the sexual life sooner.

The most important is to detect the oncology at early stage. In this case, it is possible to achieve a complete recovery without loss of the sexual and everyday life. Therefore, every woman should regularly visit a gynecologist and know everything about her health.